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Project Description

The purpose of this tool is to make possible bulk editing of such CRM Accounts that can't be selected by Advanced Find filtering.

Business users often come to me with an Excel workbooks filled with CRM Accounts and ask to bulk change the owner, the responsible persons for each business area (that's a local customization) or any other Account attributes.
The source Excel workbooks contain Accounts exported from CRM, but they have been edited by business people. The Accounts in them are not selectable by any Advanced Find conditions - they are unrelated. This tool helps to bulk edit them.

The idea behind is to
  • get list of Account GUIDs (from hidden column "A" in the Excel file)
  • create CRM Marketing List of that Accounts
  • bulk edit that by standard CRM methods
The input...


...and the result



The user selects an input file. The input file must contain Account GUIDs, one per each row. In the Excel file from business users I usually leave only the hidden "A" column and save it as CSV, which is a perfect input file.
The tool remembers the last open folder and offers it as default next time. But for the very first use it opens the user's Documents folder.

After selected the input file its content (GUIDs) is displayed and Count: shows the number of them.


Then the user can provide own name for the Marketing List to be created. The tool will always add current date and time at the end of the provided name. If no name provided then the tool will use the user login name and datetime.

After clicking Create MList button the Marketing List is created in CRM via SDK webservice. The tool will display the list of created IDs.


Then, in CRM, it is easily possible to bulk edit all the Accounts in that Marketing list. In Advanced Find look for Accounts and in Related section of picklist select Marketing List. Then provide the name of just created marketing list and you can bulk edit or run workflow on them etc.

The tool was tested at Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 on premise deployment.

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